Why Choose Us

Since 2008, Cardinal Recordings has offered a relaxed and creative atmosphere coupled with the highest quality recording standards to artists of every genre and sound.

Mike Weiser has over ten years experience as a touring/recording drummer. His goal is simple: to help artists make great music. A single, EP, full length; Cardinal Recordings offers flat rates for projects at any level (AND NOT BY THE HOUR). With Steve Angello now onboard, their clientele has increased and the editing, mixing and mastering process has allowed them to welcome many more bands in faster and more efficient way then before.


The services we offer can be either packaged together or individually depending on the needs of your project.

Contact us for further details and rates.


We came, we saw, we kicked its ass! This is where we help develop the sound of your record. With fresh perspective we can help you envision your project like you never imagined. Our services include: pre-production / post production, tempo mapping, additional instrumentation (keys, percussion, etc.), re-amping, structuring vocal melodies / harmonies, and even help with the arrangement of your songs.


Nobody is perfect. That’s where we come in. After all performances are captured, the audio will be “polished” to it’s relative pitch and synced together to form a cohesive and flowing piece of music. With state of the art software like Melodyne, VocAlign and beat detection, your songs will never sound tighter and more full of life.


We love when a plan comes together. The most important step of the entire project. With hundreds of top of the line plugin suites and outboard gear, we will skillfully sculpt the “sound” of your record to create a transparent, impactful and memorable mix.


The stage where the mix take its final form. No matter what style of mastering you are out to achieve, we can help. From diversely dynamic to ear shattering loud, we will bring your songs to a commercial standard that will be competitive with any record.